The City That Reads and Makes Up Words: That Should Be a Word, Baltimore Edition #thatshouldbeaword

Posted by Lizzie on 04/13/12

My dear and VERY HANDSOME FRIEND John Barry, founder of Baltimore’s excellent New Mercury Reading Series, sends along this entry:

new mercury

Scrawltimore, spatial reference: A zone within which one is capable of realizing that the street art at the corner of North and Charles was made by the art student who flunked your Joyce class. See also: ad-junked.

As a former resident adjunct I can affirm THIS HAPPENS NOT INFREQUENTLY. John and I, with our respective mates, also once lived in identical apartments in a brownstone that had actually been bought in one of those no-money-down mortgages by someone CLAIMING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. She ran the place, from another state, for YEARS. He wrote about it somewhere, and I will post it once I find out where.

(You can also check out Re:education, the blog of THE VERY BEAUTIFUL Edit Barry, John’s wife, among other things, which takes a REVOLUTIONARY STAND on public education. John, you may be peeved about having to share this publicizing space, but I did put it in parens.)

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