The City That Actually Does Read

Posted by Lizzie on 02/24/05

We’re going out of town for the rest of the week, so that’s the last of our piddling information for all three of you. Before we remind you once again to give, though, we would like to draw your attention to two wonderful works, John Rowell’s The Music of Your Life and Liam Callanan’s The Cloud Atlas (not the one you think), the latter of which is up for an Edgar — which pleases though perplexes the author, as it is apparently “not a mystery.” the author. We have no idea why we said it waas not a mystery; THAT, my friends, is the mystery. (B-more BFF Laura Lippman also has her last Tess Monaghan mystery By a Spider’s Thread in the running — the entire series is a must-must-read.) We had the distinct pleasure hearing these gentlemen read last night, then chatting with them about how much Sideways sucked and hookers and suchlike. Arthur Bradford was also there, and though he did not read, he is cuteNOT AS CUTE AS LIAM. Buy his book, too. What the hell, while you’re at it, buy my other friend Laura’s book, and visit her husband’s blog. We can’t think of anyone else to pimp right now, but we think this should be enough to fill King Wenclas with a bilious rage.

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