Tasked into submission

Posted by Lizzie on 04/05/05

Sorry for the DEAD SILENCE around here, people. We began in our new place of work today, and it’s likely to be quiet-esque and silent-ine in these here parts for a time….that is, until we figure out how to waste it as efficiently and frequently as in our last job. Those inquiring after guest-blogger posts, seek within. Also, we’re seeking short fiction and humor pieces at the new place of work. You’re a “writer”, right? And funny? Funny-looking? Funnier than that, you must be. Email us at theoldhag AT theoldhag DOT com to get paid.*

* Incidentally, the award for stupidest things to spam us about goes to…. BACKGAMMON. When we start getting crap from Old Maid and UNO, we’ll reconsider.

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