Take Five

Posted by Lizzie on 01/21/07

header.jpgThose of you that ever pay ANY attention to what we do may recall a year or two or so ago–we’re over thirty now; who cares anymore–our trying to get together something called "Teaser" that would print first chapters from forthcoming works. We did, like, two before we were informed that Pride & Prejudice needed repeated watching. Though we still maintain our very wonderful teasers will whup any kind of behind, Five Chapters is attending a little more diligently to a similar project–in a weekly fashion, yet! At this brilliantly simple site, one story is serialized over a work week; a new author arrives each Monday. This week is J. Robert Lennon; you can check out the archives here. (They include Thisbe Nissen, Anthony Swofford and Vendela Vida, just to start.) We actually have a very hard time reading print online (we know, we know, a vegetarian butcher), so we hope the wonderful editor, David Daley, considers adjusting the grayscale text for us old folkspeople who need glasses. The "Print" function is a start–maybe consider a formatted downloadable PDF, or, we don’t know, something with a pretty cover we could buy in a store? Whatever. Live it up, you twentysomething bastards.

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