Posted by Lizzie on 04/12/07

cicovsm.jpgThis just in: So, good news and bad news. On the plus side, we managed to sell out our print run in about a year and a half, which is nice. But unfortunately, fiscal considerations won’t allow our delightful press to reprint the book anytime soon, if ever. Nine copies left; reprint schemes welcome.

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Quick Takes

Posted by Lizzie on 02/27/07

P.S., we would like to remind you that Scott McLemee, one of those irritating critics who writes thoughtful and sharp pieces all the time, instead of, you know, just cranking out vitriol whenever whoever pays her five dollars to do so like someone we could mention, has a new Arts Journal blog, Quick Study, which obvs you should visit immediately and never leave, even if you and that blog don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. P.S.2: You can see Scott’s old fourth-century, Web .036 blog here. We don’t know, can you call it a blog when it’s just the same old HTML document updated and uploaded over and over? Could you call the Catherine Wheel a car? Could we NEVER stop talking while on Nyquil Night & Day? Probably.

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Nyquil Day or Nyquil Night? Is There a New Nyquil Day Dawning, Friends?; Or, Clearly We Just Took Both

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Old Hag has a bad cold. She’s sorry, but more specifically, really, really cracked out on cold medicine. She will post the results for the contest very soon. P.S. how AWESOME was that contest! Let’s have it every day!

Also, anyone with intel on why visitorship just tripled in the past few days welcome, by the way. Stats, as usual, reveal nothing.

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[Your Joke Here; We’re Tired; This Was a Long Post]

Posted by Lizzie on 02/14/07


(Click to enlarge…and be enlightened!)

So the results of our first offical Old Hag Reader Can You Even Handle This Action Survey are in and….wow! You guys absolutely do not have enough to do. You should get on that. But we were unsurprised to find that, in planning the rest of our year, a) most of you wanted us to do reviews for which we do not get paid; 2) pretty much the same amount of you were perverts, lazy, in love with Leonardo Dicaprio, or poetry-seekers (hard to choose, right?); 3) Podcasts and Pride & Prejudice people insisted on being tediously alliterative, 4) almost the same amount of people wanted more real-world reviews as didn’t know who we are. That’s fine; the people who read the reviews don’t know who we are either.

Since you apparently have nothing better to do than hang around here and click on things, you won’t mind if we take these one by one.

1. Speedreaders
Coming; we have a few real-world reviews first and then it’s going to all happen for you.

2. Real-World Reviews
See “Speedreaders”

3. Podcasts
Coming; don’t care if you want ’em

4. Poetry
Incoming shortly; check out our porn haiku in the meantime.

5. More Leo fakeouts


Duh. Done. DIRTY LEO. Grrrrr.

6. Who is Old Hag?

7. Pride & Prejudice

Fucking done….most ardently!

8. Seriously, who is Old Hag?

9. We avoid working

10. Porn? No porn?
We’re the only pervert around here, sorry. But here’s that Old Hag/Young Woman picture all the rest of you are looking for.

11. More pics of adorable nephew (Write-In)
We’ll do you one better. Three things to note: a) This might take a sec to load; b) yes, that is Marketwatch; it’s never too early, and c) seriously, you might die. DIE!

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