HOW can we be expected to post about books when this mystery remains unsolved!

Posted by Lizzie on 05/10/07

No comment, unnamed page renamer–except insofar as posting this image IS A COMMENT.

(click to enlarge)

We are still pulling for “Hot Ribs”!

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Just put “1-800 HOT RIBS”

Posted by Lizzie on 04/18/07

Okay. Scroll to #4, or witness below.


Now, click yet again.


Google, why do you torment me. I mean, keep it up, but why.

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Fine, Internet Explorer, you broke our Windows…

Posted by Lizzie on 03/22/07


But we still found another computer and uploaded this, fuck your TOTALLY UNFIXING XP Hotfix patch!*

(P.S., Tide386 at Microsoft, oh ye frequent reader of this site–yes of course we check our stats are you kidding–not that you don’t have better things to do and all–BUT CAN YOU HELP US OUT? We are VERY busy and important.)

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Nyquil Day or Nyquil Night? Is There a New Nyquil Day Dawning, Friends?; Or, Clearly We Just Took Both

Posted by Lizzie on 02/27/07

Old Hag has a bad cold. She’s sorry, but more specifically, really, really cracked out on cold medicine. She will post the results for the contest very soon. P.S. how AWESOME was that contest! Let’s have it every day!

Also, anyone with intel on why visitorship just tripled in the past few days welcome, by the way. Stats, as usual, reveal nothing.

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