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Posted by Lizzie on 05/23/05

1. The person (or persons) who passed the baton to you.

2. Total volume of music files on your computer.
None, you fuckers! I am CD/RECORD/TAPE DECKS ALL THE WAY GO 1987!!!!!!!

3. The title and artist of the last CD you bought.
That last Loretta Lynn/Jack White CD. I was so sad he got dumped by Zellweggs. Either that or the soundtrack to “Pieces of April.”

4. Song playing at the moment of writing.
The gentle hum of my office eMac.

5. Five songs you have been listening to of late (or all-time favorites, or particularly personally meaningful songs)
I could and do listen to Anita O’Day’s ‘Round Midnight all day long (tho’ I am no longer allowed to sing along to it). I’m not lonely, even though I’m alone. Also, any lieder of any kind, especially “Widmung.”

Though this meme is sort of apropos, because this morning I could not get the most dubious, absolutely unconvincing couplet in all songland out of my head: Elton John singing “But the only sound that I really like/Is the sound of a switchblade and a motorbike.” That, and “Old Friends” every time I look at the freaking Steven Dixon cover.

6. The five people to whom you will ‘pass the musical baton’
FIVE PEOPLE! God, what is this, a freaking chain letter? Will my CD player start skipping when I jog if I don’t link? (Oh, right. It already does that.) Anyway, SFJ already sent me his eight-thousand choices for the year, as did this dude. Ask them. Their choices will be so much less sad and loser-y than mine, it’s not even funny. I might as well have gone with continuous recordings of “Balalaika.”

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