We’re NOT EVEN GOING TO ADDRESS the “Game Warden” thing

Posted by Lizzie on 09/01/05

My great project this morning, besides trying prevent my skull from splitting in two over stuff like this, was prying a confession from the BOOG that, in the event of such a tragedy, he, as is his daily habit in any case, would be “liberating the beer”* as well.

Then we saw these. In rain, sleet, or snow, fine. In order to escape rising flood waters (as the photo’s caption clearly states)? Not so much.


mail truck.jpg

game warden.jpg

Of course, with all of the water shortages and dead bodies floating around, you don’t want to fuck with people getting their Victoria’s Secret catalogs safely, too. But to be fair, I’m not sure the “bar owner with gun” image ultimately can be put to use as the backdrop for Bush’s next speech, either.

gun guy.jpg

All images taken from NOLA’s photo galleries, which we highly recommend. Sorry if the text and photos are screwy; we don’t know how to make them fit the right way.

* Joke liberated from Metafilter.

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