Posted by Lizzie on 07/31/06

Don’t those sound like the candidates in an Elvin runoff? Ah well. In fact, they are the contenders in a charity drive run by author M.J. Rose. For every blog that links to www.mjrose.com AND Vidlit.com/Venus in a post, M.J. will donate $5 dollars to the winning charity. (We’re so lazy we can barely bring ourselves to raise the stick we use to knock beggars out of the way while we take our evening constitutional, so you know we’re going to jump all over this.) Old Hag is going to sweeten the deal with another proposal: If you link to US, we’ll give five dollars straight to YOU.* Bribery begins at home, right? Anyway. More info below:

From now until August 15, author M.J. Rose will donate $5 to the winning charity (see poll and vote for your personal favorite at www.myspace.com/venusfix) M.J. will also pledge an additional $1 for every “Friend Request” that myspace.com/venusfix receives until 11:59pm on August 15. Please help us to reach our goal of a $2500 donation by M.J. Rose to the winning organization!

Make sure to cast a vote in the poll! The current vote tallies are:
The Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN): 33 votes
Reading is Fundamental (RIF): 24 votes
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): 6 votes

We’ll announce the winner and the final results on August 16.

We went EFF ourselves. Not only do we already give to the other two–we now have the opportunity to say to all our readers, “EFF that.”

* Actually, if you are so inclined, please also take a sec and give some dough to our hometown charity, The Book Thing, which “recycles” thousands of books on a weekly basis and hands them to anyone who wants them–sometimes children, schools and Katrina victims and all, but mostly greedy bastards.

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