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Posted by Lizzie on 02/12/05

We promise that after this we will NEVER solicit our readers for anything*, but this is a worthy and bookish cause. For many years now we have been on the board of The Book Thing, an organization with a decrepit web site but an UNIMPEACHABLE mission: To give unlimited free books to everyone and anyone. Each week, The Book Thing recycles thousands of books**, both new, old, good, and bad, and redistributes them to the Baltimore community. Our lease is up on our nasty-ass, decrepit basement. We now have a chance to move to a new space that is not a nasty-ass, cramped basement, but we have to make the $60,000 down payment or The Book Thing will die. Many hifalutin’ charities have given large chunks, but we need your small chunks to make up the difference. (Like, $5 or $10 dollars, seriously.) The Book Thing has a donation clicker on its site, which you can also access here:


If you are at all disposed to do things by mail, which I really doubt you are, you can send a check for a million dollars made out to The Book Thing to:

The Book Thing
P.O. Box 2197
Baltimore, MD 21203

You can also hit the “Donate Now!” PayPal button on the top right of this page.

So you know we are not just using this to finance our trip to Antigua, you can read about The Book Thing — and view said decrepit basement! — here.

It’s just like Tink, except you have to give money instead of clap! So please take a moment and give any any amount, large or small.*** Fellow bloggers, or “web loggers”, if you would be so kind as to spread the word, or “meme”, that would be wonderful. We would have already sent you a bossy email to that effect, but we just realized our Neomail doesn’t allow bulk mailings. Lucky you. have sent you a bossy email. Lucky you!

We can promise you almost nothing in return, but if you ever come to Baltimore, we will put you up and let you drive away with a truckload of books. You can take as many copies of Iacocca as you like! ****

* Not unless you hang out by the docks, that is
** In case you’re wondering, the books people seem most disposed to give away are Iacocca and The Women’s Room. Sorry, Marilyn French.
*** If you are at all moved by the plight of poor urchins, know that countless arrive and depart for The Book Thing with boatloads of children’s books, which, if you didn’t know, are actually WAY expensive. If you are moved by the plight of obsessive weirdos who need to plough through dusty ephemera, we help plenty of those too.
**** We’re leaving this post up at the top, so if you want it to go away, JUST GIVE. Oh, yeah, we can use public radio scare tactics, too.

UPDATE: Listen to Andrea Seabrook report on The Book Thing here. Public radio AND public radio scare tactics.

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