Reader Roundup: There Should Be a Word For People Who Try to Steal My Job

Posted by Lizzie on 06/24/12

I have been remiss (not DREAMISS) in posting the wonderful contributions from job-stealing bastardsreaders all over the world. Or, at least, from my comments, inbox, and FB threads. If I missed you somehow, please re-submit!

THIEFDOM: Smaller than a kleptocracy, larger than a single thief. — lysdexic

KVETCHTABLE: the little kid who whines at dinner about eating his greens. The horrible alternative definition: the aged Jewish grandmother who has lost all faculties but one. — Edit B. 

PHANTONION: why your car still smells like yesterday’s Subway sandwich, even though there is no visible evidence. — Debra J.

SYNAPTIC TAPSE: Sending off posts/tweets/updates without proofreading. — Lise F.

SWAMPLED: a cross between trampled and swamped. — Julie P.

RE-E-DIRECT: That unsettling feeling one has when, while moving from one room to another and reading an electronic message on one’s phone, one achieves a level of distraction such that one is left unclear on why one was going to that room in the first place. “Originally headed to the kitchen to make some tea, Lizzie had a re-e-direct as she finished reading the text from her mother and stood, bewildered, at the kitchen sink.” — Ben W. [I totally do this.–Ed.]

Practically every week, my wife and I find ourselves engaging in a GameDance. That’s when you try to convince the heavens to open up and rain so your child’s soccer/baseball game/practice will be cancelled. — Rick K.

MANECDOTE: The stories men tell each other. — Nick R.

you upstarts do you know how hard this job is I have to do THREE OF THESE EVERY WEEK TRY IT SOME–KEEP ‘EM COMIN’!

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