Reader Roundup: People who are trying to steal my job, Part II

Posted by Lizzie on 05/24/12

I love all your THAT SHOULD BE A WORDS! Here is the latest group of stop stealing my job reader submissions!

One who takes comfort or finds truth in the complex, the nuanced, the sloppy. Synonyms: Grayshader. Fenceposter. Betwixtee. — Lise F.

A self-deprecating remark meant in jest but taken seriously. —  Adam L.

The confused state between marriage and divorce, or singlehood and marriage. Also: the relationships in that ill-defined state. “When Allison started dating between walking out on her marriage and filing for divorce, she thought she should celebrate her AMBIGAMY, but there were no gifts from Tiffany’s or Hallmark cards to help her transition. When Allison’s son asked her about the status of the man she had starting sleeping with, she answered succinctly: AMBIGAMOUS.” — Alice T.

Fretting about completing or defending treatise. “Writing my dithertation put me in a state of deep despair.” Also: Boastdoc: Claiming legitimate bragging rights after receiving degree. PhD-Fad: Pursuing your doctorate only because all your friends are also; proconfessor: Academic who pledges to be fair, balanced and non-partisan. — Warren H.

(in-cuh-MODE-i-ka-doh), adj.
The state of being in the bathroom without one’s cell phone. — Greg D.

1. The distance between the seat and the toilet water. 2. One’s posture when trying to avoid sitting on a public toilet seat. “The boss asked the contractor about the pisstance on the new toilet, because it would influence the seating arrangement near the bathroom door. After all, the greater the pisstance the louder the sound of the pee hitting the water.” — Edit B.

Keep those submissions coming!


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