Radio Days

Posted by Lizzie on 07/07/06

UPDATE: Listen and read along, if you roll like that!

You miss us, right? C’mon, you know you miss us. Okay. You don’t care. BUT. If you care, even a little, you can hear us read some HA HA OMIGOD STOP. IT. NOW. GIRLFRIEND! poetry on the Sheilah Kast show Friday the 7th, streaming on WYPR from 9-10. We will post the absolute links, text, etc. tomorrow. If it’s not so freaking hot.

Visitors from WYPR? Welcome! We usually post more. We will post again, when it is not so hot. Anyone deeply in need of literary news, lend us your AC. If you’re bored, read our recent review in the Miami Herald, originally published in the Baltimore Sun, behind a firewall there, available here, but stripped of all beauty and grace by some editor who was also probably freaking hot. Al Gore, get the lead out.

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