Playtex, no reason

Posted by Lizzie on 03/15/07

This is rapidly becoming one of those blogs wherein personal ephemera so wholly overtakes any ostensible theme or focus that we are as a muttering old person on the subway is to Barack Obama on a podium, but anyway, we just have to say, we noticed there’s an update to our favorite ad OF ALL TIME, which, if you haven’t seen, is:

YouTube Preview Image

We were searching around for the new one to show you all, since we a) think it’s vastly inferior and b) know you’ve been on pins and needles about it for weeks. We couldn’t find it, so your collective disgust joining ours will have to wait.

We did, however, find this.

You know, we were walking around feeling like the inspiration and wisdom we gained from parsing the particular brilliance of the Playtex thwack above was something we pretty much only shared with our friend C while texting on a caramel candy popcorn/Ina Garten high. Guess what? Apparently our delight was shared…. in a well-regarded mainstream news publication…. by a boy.

Okay, traditional media. Here is another thing we are obsessed with:


This means “I just rolled my eyes.”

You can also say:


We have an associate with a treatise on the “, lol” phenom, when you are ready for us to file.

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