Pitch ‘n Bitch

Posted by Lizzie on 09/26/06

Bored already? We know. We can’t be of help, but if you scroll down on the left and read our new reviews, they will at least put you soundly to sleep. And if you MUST leave the house, drink two or three Cokes and head immediately over to get in line at the Housing Works Used Book Cafe, where, if you spend the night on the sidewalk, you might just get a chair for tomorrow’s panel on books and blogging.* Till we “run out of steam”? TILL THE BREAK OF DAWN, CHILE!

* We would just like to point out that we, in our deeply finite short-term wisdom, actually pitched one of the panel members today out of the blue. They were like, Yeah, Old Hag, why don’t we discuss after THE PANEL WE’RE ON TOMORROW TOGETHER? REMEMBER THE PANEL? REMEMBER READING ANNOUNCEMENTS ORGANIZERS SEND YOU? This is worse than the hermaphrodite thing. Cross-dresser. Whatever.

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