People who try to steal my job; Or, other great entries in #thatshouldbeaword lexicon.

Posted by Lizzie on 03/16/12

These are from Claire S. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR OWN!

I am very, very fond of Flaberet.

cred-i-BULL, n.
Unbelievable claims made by one who is considered to be an authority. “Sheila listened politely as her boss raged over Obama’s “death panels,” but deep down she knew it was a load of credibull.” See also: im-poster girl/boy (one who publicly supports a philosophy or cause he or she does not actually follow).

YAWP-per-toon-ist, n.
One who takes any slight pause in a conversation as an invitation to speak at length. “Faculty meetings were always a frustration for Nancy, whose hesitant contributions were often interrupted by Shirley, the resident yawpportunist.”

FLAB-er-AY, n.
A burlesque show featuring corpulent performers. “All week Herman had looked forward to feasting his eyes on taut flesh at the visiting burlesque show, but it turned out to be a real flabaret.” See also: buff-fey (a large public gathering of gay men with chiseled physiques).

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