Posted by Lizzie on 04/20/05

Hi, pretty people. I’m sorry it’s been so empty and empty-ish here lately. About 27 writers of my acquaintance have approached me worriedly — okay, one, whatever — and said, you’re off your medication! I was, but my boss has fixed my insurance and I have returned to it. Also, I am not neglecting the site because I’m dying on the couch, only because I’m working at a new job. Some say same thing.

Anyway, I will be back to bringing you the same vibrant errata you have come to expect from this space after Passover. (Also, not-very-moist sponge cake! I know, I know, you cannot wait.) Until then, take a moment and slap some lamb’s blood up on your door. Unless you are Britney Spears, in which case you should scrub that motherfucker with bleach until it gleams.

And (*cough* give them money *cough*) cast your eye down to my advertisers in the lower right-hand corner if you have a second. They’ve come so far for so little pixilation. Surely you can spare a click.

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