Our Asberger’s needed a feeding

Posted by Lizzie on 01/16/07

It has been a long time, Slate. A long goddamned time! But finally, a goodie from Daniel Bosch:

Would this be ambience, or atmosphere?
I hadn’t expected such an emptiness!
An empty nest.
Do you open up before or after a good pandering?
Book, Web site, infomercial. Edginess must be catching.
So let me be the first to congratulate—
Too late.
What is it people seek in your utterances?
Other answers.
You knew Mozart. Before he decomposed—
He composed.
And Freud was your plumber. Conscious or unconscious?
Kein Anschluss.
But have you ever crossed over? You know, necrophilia?
Celebrities! They run to sarcasm.
Our chasm.
How do you do it? I’m already way off course.
Of course.

Read the rest. Also, try this Jennifer Clarvoe…from many years ago.


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