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Posted by Lizzie on 07/15/05

The only possible reason we would ever consider getting an iPod is to more conveniently download and listen to stuff like this, especially in our car. Does anyone know how to make a ’94 Volvo into an MP3-playing monster without the genius of L’Apple? **

* Those aren’t our question marks; it’s how the link comes up in the title field. The subhead of the blog is also “I have one question: are we, ah, live now or what?” Christopher Lydon and co. will probably become more sure of themselves once they know we’re listening in the Volvo.

** Speaking of which, does anyone also know how to make this apostrophe — ’94 — go the right fucking way? We yelled at Gawker for this already today, and now feel hypocritical and in need of redemption all at once.

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