Christopher Lydon, we really did not know ye

Posted by Lizzie on 06/28/05

Tonight, we were supposed to be on this show to once again espouse our very important and wide-ranging views on the topic of “Summer Reading.” The reputed “producer”, however, DID NOT CALL US BACK. We were totally prepared to add absolutely nothing to the conversation, but, as it is, you’ll have to make do with the lovely Maud, the Moby Dennis, the Sweet, Sweet Almond, and someone we don’t really know at all. While we’ve got your collective attention (somewhat less than that of the greater Boston area, but SO much more awesome), we’d like to recommend two former mentors’ excellent compilation of authors’ favorite works, This Is My Best*, the title of which was revised slightly from the earlier My Editor Hated It But I Will Goddamn Describe that Character’s Voice as Faintly Violet if I Want.

* Don’t you so want it to be “These Are My Best”? What are up with that?

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