Not a plug for more “Recommends”, I promise

Posted by Lizzie on 06/23/10

I know, I know, the end of men. No worries — at NPR, bastion of liberalism, they still have many advocates. (P.S. this slow drum beat of male uplift accompanies ANYTHING I do for NPR, even by NPR. I have written responses to it, in my time.)

Here, however, I do especially love the mix of gentle remonstration and peeved outrage:

Justin Swanson (swanje) wrote:

It would be refreshing for NPR to suggest at least one book with a male protagonist…

Danielle Foushee (DFoushee) wrote:

I saw the headline for this story and immediately thought there might be something here that would interest my brother, who has struggled since college. Too bad you only profiled books geared towards young women. I’m sure there are plenty of young men who could stand to read something they could identify with.

Danielle, if your brother has reached the point where my commentary on NPR plays a significant part in his life path, I am very sad to tell you he is by definition SOL.

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