NBCC Campaign to Save Book Reviewing

Posted by Lizzie on 04/23/07

Over the past five years, one by one, newspapers have begun to forsake books and their readers. While book review sections at the Washington Post and the New York Times continue strongly, many other newspapers have begun packing up and winnowing down their book coverage. And it started at the top. Not long ago, the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, which has readership levels in excess of fifty percent, was folded into another part of the paper. The community protested, it was restored, but just recently the section was cut in half in order to make space for an advertisement.

Today, the National Book Critics Circle, of which your OH is a member, is launching the Campaign to Save Book Reviewing, a blog series of essays, op-eds, posts and tips protesting the state of book reviewing today (you can read the rest of NBCC President John Freeman’s statement here). Today brings a memo from George Saunders, a Q&A with LAT Book Review editor David Ulin, and a post by Stewart O’Nan. Also, the NBCC has created an online petition to save the job of Atlanta Journal Constitution books editor Teresa Weaver. It’s at nearly 1,000 signatures in just a few days–please take a second and sign.

Also, feel free to steal this button and link to the series on your blog or webpage, or grab the code.

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