Monkey Business: Or, When Headlines Write Themselves

Posted by Lizzie on 06/14/10

My Dear Human:

Under normal circumstances, I would never be asking you for money. We monkeys

consider this an act of coarseness, a vile human quality. But extreme circumstances have forced my hand, and now I must appeal to whatever spirit of charity nestles in your so-called soul.

I’m not sure how much you know about time travel. I will assume next to nothing and not confuse you with time dilation and the twin paradox. In any case, during routine maintenance of the temporal deflector console, I found myself transported from the future and landing in a place you call New York City. You may wonder what the future holds for humanity. The short explanation is: you will all be dead. A peaceful, civilized society is ruled by monkeys. If it’s any solace, please know that evolution has done its proper work.

with Wind-up Monkey, my dear friend Irina Reyn has joined Significant Objects.

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