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Posted by Lizzie on 03/17/05

The lovely David Freeman at Meet the Author wanted us to let you know that they are actively soliciting authors in the US to add to their Real Player roster. If you are a published author, not hideously deformed, and WANT PEOPLE TO BUY YOUR BOOK, contact him (email david AT meettheauthor DOT com for you non-clicksters) and say so.* We’re going to have a multi-part post later from some authors on publishing your chapbook of poetry, which we’re sure will fascinate and spellbind you into submission (heh). Until then, we leave you in the capable hands of Lily, who should really be using this opportunity to name-drop about how it’s “Rick” Hertzberg and what Malcolm Gladwell eats for lunch and all.

* On a semi-related note, the BOOG is looking for people for facial imaging. If you are NOT a published author, not hideously deformed, but would still like to wax bathetic to a camera about your life and works for hours on end, contact us. Baltimore area only.

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Suffice it to say, Fay Weldon looks like she could jump through the screen and begin mantrapping right away

Posted by Lizzie on 03/15/05

Why, why, why have we passed through our lives heretofore unaware of Meet the Author, the only semi-creepy web portal crammed with authors discussing their latest works via the only semi-fuzzy genius that is Real Player*? Currently available are Fay Weldon (Mantrapped), David Sedaris (Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim), meetauthor.jpgand numerous others we can’t get into right now, because we’re so sick of creating links we could die. Other bonuses: 1) It’s a UK venture, so there’s all kinds of British accents happening, and 2) Whatever guy appears first in the “About” page’s promotional video is hot. Instead of sitting around watching Sex and the City DVDs in chronological order, maybe we should watch some of these. Or maybe you should, then tell us about it. Thanks.

* Incidentally and also semi-creepily, the BOOG’s current research involves making a proxy image, a “you” puppet, if you will, that mimics the way an actual “you” is moving on the other end of the camera. This apparently reduces the torrent of info that must be sent to ACTUALLY DOCUMENT REALITY. That means, when authors appear with razor-sharp accuracy, and our medium-is-the-message culture is subsumed by a vastly proliferating culture of Overlord Puppetry, you’ll know who to thank.

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