Making a Killing; Or, Bacon and Ice Cream MAKES A LOT OF SENSE

Posted by Lizzie on 11/15/06

For many years we swore off Court T.V. on the basis that, if their reenactments were really going to be that awful, they should go whole hog and do them in Claymation. However, a screenreading series like Murder by the Book fits in far easier with our round-the-clock Top Chef viewing, so we’re all for it. Says the friendly publicist:

Award-winning authors Michael Connelly, James Ellroy, Faye Kellerman, Jonathan Kellerman and Lisa Scottoline have each selected a case that has long captivated or touched them in some way, and in each one-hour episode, the featured author will take viewers through the facts of that case.

This upcoming week is Michael Connelly. Unrelated: Not to go all Gawker Stalker, but last night, coming up the stairs at the F stop on Second Avenue, we espied the redoubtable and highly prepossessing* Harold Dieterle descending. As one often does to the semi-semi-famous, we instinctively almost said, “Hi,” and, as the unpracticed semi-semi-famous do, he instinctively almost responded with a nod. We wish we’d had our wits about us, because had we genuinely recognized him, we could have snuck in a “Seriously. Oh, yes, Harold. For some of us: SERIOUSLY.”

* Don’t you just want to cook him a grilled-cheese sandwich and have him say it’s cliched and soggy and he doesn’t understand why you chose GRILLED CHEESE in the first place, this was the four-course pork challenge? And what if you could get Michael Kors to simultaneously tell you your shoes looked like what your grandmother would have worn to the drugstore while Tim Gunn intoned “Make it Work” somewhere in the background and Heidi ate your sandwich anyway, because that’s how it goes in the 7th month? Heaven.

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