Just by the way, we….

Posted by Lizzie on 06/07/06

….are not dead. To briefly sum up, we broke up with our boyfriend in January and it made us much too sad, we had to launch a website at work, we had too many reviews to write, we moved to a whole goddamn new house, we had to hook up our wireless and screw holes in things and update our Windows and figure out the stereo and we STILL HAVEN’T HOOKED UP THE DVD, THANKS A LOT, LIAM, and we are currently here, where they bring you your lunch in a little baggie and make eighty-course dinners and deer run about and cows stop when you jog by and when we come back we are going to post some pictures that will make you SO FUCKING JEALOUS YOU MIGHT DIE, in a Brokeback full Proulx swoon kind of way. We will also show some pictures detailing the gruesome alphabetizing of 5,000 books, which was aided by someone lovely named HELEN, and we will show some pictures of AWP that we never got around to posting, too, in which writers are literally dancing in the streets, we will post some light verse we wrote for the radio, a fascinating interview with Miss Curtis Sittenfeld AVEC GIVEAWAY, and we will choose books for the winners of this contest, who were, ironically enough, two people who THOUGHT OF THE SAME THING AT THE SAME TIME, WHICH WE KNOW BECAUSE THEY WERE BOTH CAUGHT IN OUR APPROVAL QUEUE, MIRABILE DICTU. Whassup Don Cheadle. We also have a tote and some journals from a hot new publication to give away; someone will be symbiotic and literotic. We would also at this point like to give a shoutout to Nellie McKay, Gillian Welch–two ladies who pronounce their names in unusual ways–and the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack, all of whom and which GOT US THROUGH THIS DIFFICULT TIME. Goodnight, ladies.

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