Just a quick note of thanks….

Posted by Lizzie on 02/09/07

….to the passengers of the uptown bound F train at the 47-50 station yesterday at 7:32 p.m., who:

1. Literally held open the doors from crushing us for like EIGHT MINUTES despite the conductor’s attempt to do so;

2. Grabbed our bag and pushed it back from the doors so we wouldn’t be dragged to the next station in a trail of imitation leather, and;

c. With quick great alacrity and skill, threw! our! phone! that! fell! to! us! through! the! closing! doors! before the train could pull away.

Seriously, THAT GUY. Omigod, do we owe you! Feel free to get in touch for one free cell phone or any other prize of your suggestion! And to that guy who just looked at us like, Dude, WHAT the eff is wrong with you, we can respond only that–as a character in the show we were on our way to see commented–if we knew, we would have it fixed.*

* Yes, we saw Follies! Did you see us? We were the one who was not a gay man, middle-aged season subscriber, overly be-makeuped theatre major, or any combination thereof.

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