It’s time to start talking about how democrats are great in bed again

Posted by Lizzie on 05/20/05

For example, he cited a study testing stereotype threat among white engineering students. When the white students took a test after being told that Asians typically outperformed whites on that test, the whites performed significantly worse than they would have otherwise.

You just have to wonder how the monitor sets up that question. Is it a long explanation at the beginning about the various strata and their success rates, or more of a, “Pencils up! You suck compared to those Asians! You have 30 minutes….begin” kind of thing?

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  1. That’s funny, but I think you have hit on an important point.

    When people are encouraged to engage in a healthy sex life, they engage in healthy sexual behaviors.

    When attempts are made to supress this, deviant behaviors appear.

    The more we try to supress, the more deviant it becomes.

    Case in point: pedophile priests.

    This makes me really really worry about our fine law makers of the religious right.

    We should support all openly sexual democrats, then shake the republicans closets and see what skeletons pop out.


    Comment by Kelley Bell — 5/23/2005 @ 2:21 pm

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