(Yes, the post is back) In Which Our Proprietrix Demands Cold, Hard Cash

Posted by Lizzie on 03/10/05

Friends, it is once again the time when I ask you to give me money. Well, not ME money, so much, as money for The Book Thing, the free-books bonanza that some of you have TOTALLY been jacking ever since I posted this plea, while others have given freely, generously, nay, OVERINDULGENTLY. If you have forgotten/don’t care/don’t want to care about The Book Thing, I’ll remind you that it’s a free books emporium that recycles and regifts thousands of books every week to anyone who wants them, including the indigent, the curious, and the just plain greedy. The Book Thing is moving to a new location and needs to make the down payment, or it will disappear forever, a beautiful dream that was too visionary for our $29.99 trade paperback world. You’re totally going to let this be your time-wasting exercise today, you goddamn blog-reader, smoke-breaker, and coffee-fetcher. Checks of ANY size (dolphin or kitty illustrations tolerated) can be sent to the following address:

The Book Thing of Baltimore, Inc.
PO Box 2197
Baltimore, Maryland, 21203

Or you can donate at Network for Good.*

* I see we’ve installed one of those bright-red temperature thingies that rises steadily to mark our process. Our goal is a little more modest, but people who have not had sex in forever or get cold easily still might find it psychologically satisfying to give a lot more.

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