I’ll let you go on and on

Posted by Lizzie on 03/23/05

We love what goes on in Bruce Wagner’s ol’ squared-spectacled eggplantine head, so we’re happy Jessica Lee Jernigan took the time to round up everything we’re too lazy to link to, including the on-air interview in which Terry Gross — whom we don’t mind EXCEPT FOR THE FUCKING VOICE, WHY CAN’T RADIO PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT PEOPLE WHO WORK IN RADIO MUST NOT HAVE THAT VOICE — mispronounced “Force Majeure.” (We love pettily pointing out mispronunciations, never mind that it took us ages to get “privy” right.) Anyway, Jessica has an exclusive, secret interview with the man who waxed rhapsodic on the joys of a rubber-clad, goggled agent demanding sex in a bathtub way before Defamer got on it.

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