If you out-of-towners mess up our $600 rent, we will mug you ourselves

Posted by Lizzie on 05/26/05

BALTIMORE — Last year, Terence Trader and a friend paid $77,000 for a crumbling, six-bedroom home here with garish yellow asbestos siding.

After partially renovating the property, which abuts two boarded-up homes, the former social worker agreed to sell it last month — for roughly $300,000. The buyers, a young couple from Washington, D.C., say they plan to settle down here.

“It’s kind of a diamond in the rough,” says Jennifer Hoover, a doctoral student in psychology, who is buying the house with her husband.

The transaction marks a small victory for Baltimore as the city recovers from one of the nation’s most relentless urban declines. [Thanks, Alizinha!]

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