If this trend continues, we can expect to hear of the Nick Laird’s aggressive trimming of Zadie’s Smith’s toenails any day now

Posted by Lizzie on 01/29/05

Fundamentally children resent being placed at the heart of their parents’ expression, and yet I still do it,” said Ayelet Waldman, whose blog, Bad Mother (bad-mother.blogspot.com), describes life at home with her four young children and her husband, Michael Chabon, the novelist. Ms. Waldman, a novelist herself, has blogged about her baby Abie’s recessive chin and gimpy hip and the thrill of the children’s going back to school after winter break.

It’s fine that it only took the NYT a kazillion years to jump on the trend of Mommy blogs (after a certain point, there are really only so many pieces one can justify on Nick Denton’s empire), but we need to step off, because, as a literary blogger, we are equally remiss in somehow sleeping on the the fact that MICHAEL CHABON’S WIFE HAS BEEN CHRONICLING THE PROGRESS OF HIS OFFSPRING ONLINE.* **

* At Blogspot, no less.
** We just noticed Ayelet harrumphed at Fussy‘s inclusion in the piece (hiss!) and salaamed (as is only just) to Dooce. But we wonder — is this going to spawn an entirely new world in which mothers who once competed over their child’s flash-card prowess now lock strollers over Technorati ratings?

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