If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be “Sorry”

Posted by Lizzie on 08/30/05

Old Hag has had a nasty cold for two weeks, and, for other assorted reasons she will not go into at this date and time, is profoundly and monumentally — as they say in the poor, ravaged, southern climes * — tard. There’s a great guest-blogger coming up on the sixth who will remain secret until that date (hint: her book LAUNCHES on the sixth), but until then, go here and empty your pockets, throw your head back and laugh gladly and long that a certain someone has finally been routed from BCD (brush-clearing duty), and get back to whoever or whatever you were doing RIGHT AWAY.

* Those seeking actual updates on Katrina should turn to Ed if they haven’t already. He has been keeping excellent digital watch from San Fran, and doing something called “Bat Segundo” that involves technology we don’t have. If Apple’s stock is any indicator, though, you do. OGIC and Terry are similarly employed.

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