I still don’t understand why you all sit on your phones. But I’ve made a word for it nonetheless: #thatshouldbeaword

Posted by Lizzie on 02/26/12

Mencken’s Bedbugs - NYTimes.com

1. To call someone by sitting on your phone. “Kelly was mystified by the distant peal of Sandra’s laughter until she realized her friend had bumerang her.” See also: Subtlebutt (a conversation you must move to the edge of your chair in order to hear).

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  1. Ignorder: Blatant disregard for a given order. “It wasn’t that Laurie couldn’t arrive to work early, it was that she derived joy from simply ignordering her boss’s request.”

    Comment by Karla — 2/28/2012 @ 2:31 pm

  2. Can we have a word for what I like to call an “almost” compliment? These start off sounding like compliments, but then JUST fall short of saying something nice. I have come up with “nonpliment.” In “American Beauty,” Carolyn Burnam “nonpliments” her daughter’s performance when she says, ‘You didn’t even mess up once!’”

    Comment by Karla — 3/2/2012 @ 2:03 pm

  3. You are in luck as I am LITERALLY WORKING ON THIS WORD right now and have been for two week. Your psychic track is admirable. Sneak peak is that my def for one is complimeant.

    DON’T SUGGEST ANY MORE lest we arrive at the same and I can’t use! You must sit on hands briefly.

    Comment by altehaggen — 3/2/2012 @ 7:06 pm

  4. This suspense is killing me!

    Comment by Karla — 3/4/2012 @ 6:34 pm

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