I did finally get ahold of Molly’s awesome suede boots, though!

Posted by Lizzie on 09/16/12

Wherein I take to the New York  Times Magazine’s Sixth Floor blog to explain how I got to….

Part of coining a good neologism is being able to truly understand what the word is about — to give a laugh of recognition at the experience. But being neither a famous person to whom terrible things happen nor a famous person who has switched careers, I just couldn’t do it. I tried to get inside the head of Molly, who’s about as down-to-earth as you can get. But she remains, to me, the girl dancing in the hallway with bee-stung lips and awesome boots, and am I the one at home, just trying to keep up.

Read the rest at Selexicons: Your Contributions to That Should Be a Word.

(Also — me and my nephew, on Wellfleet, “prooling.”)

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