Would you define yourself as a shopaholic? Everyone loves being able to go out and have a shopping spree with their friends, loved ones or family when they’re off work. But others take this to a whole new level. Shopping is practically their life. Whether they choose to go out and obsessively march through all of the shops or they choose to waste their money online is entirely their prerogative, but it can still have some nasty effects if this problem is allowed to spiral out of control. Bad debt is one thing but you may also end up becoming a hoarder if you do not know what to do with half of the products that you buy. But fear not! This blog will show you exactly what to do to curb your mad spending habits. Read on to find out more!

Admit that you have a problem

You could be blowing your money on books, shoes, holidays or even by deciding to date a companion, either way, the first thing you need to do is be honest with yourself about your obsessive habits. Like an alcohol addict that goes to group therapy to discuss their problems, you need to do the same thing about your problems. The first step to recovery is by saying out loud that you are a shopping addict. Don’t worry about saying it to other people to start with. It’s important that you just get it out in the open.

Saying this sort of thing to yourself can be quite an emotional event, so be prepared for tears. Once you feel strong enough, you can then move on to admit it to your loved ones. Pick a safe place where you feel comfortable talking to the people closest to you. You don’t have to start a shouting match or get defensive. Just be open and honest. The best thing you can do is tell them that you know that you need help and you are willing to get it. If you want them to support then tell them. They can only help you if they know exactly what you are thinking.

Consider why you are having these problems in the first place

Addiction is a genuine problem that tends to be linked to the addict’s mental health and emotional stability. Many people tend to start spending many due to feeling disappointed, angry or worried about their lives. They may also come at a time where chaos is reigning throughout someone’s life. The shopping comes as a stabilizer in a difficult time. Some people even get a thrill knowing that they are spending more than they should. This rush of endorphins may be used to combat overriding feelings of depression or anxiety.

It’s important for you to consider what your overriding reason might be for spending. Once you have that nailed down then you can work on taking small steps to improve it. Don’t just immediately cut yourself off from your habit. This can have more adverse effects than anything positive.

Take action- Cut up your cards

You can’t just sit back and allow this addiction to take control of your life. It’s time to take physical action to stop yourself from spending more than you need to. The first step is to cut up your credit cards to make sure that you stop spending just because of a compulsion. Don’t try to rationalize your spending or make excuses for it. Instead, take the first step forward by cutting your cards and forgetting about your card number. The faster you do this, the more unlikely it is that you will be able to spend any more than you already have done. 

Solely carry cash

If you only carry a certain amount of money on you then that means you have to physically think about how much you are genuinely spending. Your goal is to try and break your compulsive spending habit. So, if you only have a set amount of money you can spend, this will force you to only spend so much. It will remind you that you are actually spending real money rather than something that you can’t see and can give away so easily.

Avoid shopping areas

Best way to try and not give in to temptation is by avoiding shopping areas in general. Avoid online shopping website or put blocks on them to make sure that you can’t access them. That way you can stick to your goals and only spend when you really need to.

Ask someone to keep tabs on you

No one likes going through this sort of thing alone. So, why not ask someone to come along for the ride? Picking a friend or loved one to support will give you the confidence you need to undertake this life change. You can sit together and plot a spending chart to help with your finances, or even discuss how you are going to clear your debts. The more support you have, the better you will feel about breaking your habit.

You can do this!

It’s never easy breaking a shopping addiction. For some, shopping is as easy as breathing. It’s something that’s part of normal life that everyone does. However, if you find that you are spending more than you actually need to, it’s time to take a look at yourself and decide whether or not you think it’s time to actually need some help. There is no shame for asking for help. Feel confident and know that there are programmes and people out there who are ready to support you breaking your habit. 

Good luck!