HOIBWE (Hold On, I’m Blogging Work Environment)

Posted by Lizzie on 12/05/06

We were so thrilled to hear that some of our apron-clad brethren at Best Buy were also getting the chance to work from home (although we did become jealous when one at-large employee’s confession that he takes calls in the spice aisle of the supermarket prompted the mind-blowing, wormhole realization that, if he were suddenly in need of a microwave, he could take calls from the aisles of Best Buy). Still, we’re not sure Best Buy’s ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) takes it far enough. We would be deeply pleased to see the following implemented immediately if not sooner:

IPMCTWSYCSUOMDWE (I Put My Computer This Way So You Can’t Sneak Up on Me, Dumbass Work Environment)

SFSWE (Stop Fuckin’ Snitching Work Environment)

OCITBWE (Only Cry In The Bathroom Work Environment. Also known as the TNCIBWE: “There’s no crying in baseball!” Work Environment)

NLCWE (No Leftover Chinese Work Environment)

HNGTCYWE (He’s Not Going to Call You Work Environment)

PDHYDFMSHWE (Please Don’t Have Your Drugs From Mexico Sent Here Work Environment)

HHOEWE (He Hits On Everybody Work Environment)

EATWWE (Enough About The Wire Work Environment)

IFGSWOHYHTMTCMTFCWE (Intern, For God’s Sake, We Only Have You Here to Make the Coffee. Make the Fucking Coffee Work Environment)

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