Gourevitch to poets: I, too, dislike it

Posted by Lizzie on 09/14/05

Dear Mr. Gourevitch:

Regretfully, we can’t deride
Your passing fling with genocide:
But doubling up the staff on what
You’re cutting–that could be rethought.

You say, online, that there’s no room
For protogees of some buffoon
Who “introduced the world” to who?
They “rhymed”… ??? they “scanned” ??? Look folks, there’s two:

In every issue. Okay, one.
But sometimes two. Okay? We’re done.

That’s “businesslike.” Note, staff, that’s how
he’d like you to be, as of now.

But if you’re on the poets’ side —
Pssst. Whiteout. Best pen. Paperclips. Hide.


Old Hag [Link will expire]

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