Gone Hackin’

Posted by Lizzie on 08/16/05

The Old Hag is suffering the indignity of a terrible bronchial infection, and thus will not be blogging this week, possibly ever again. We’re going to see if the stuff the BOOG got us will make us feel better, but until then, remember the upcoming…

1. Treatise on Lesbian pulp fiction;
2. One or two whiny personal essays;
3. First “meme”, EVER;
4. Guest-editing by two hot new “authors.” (Actually, we are the “author.” They are authors!);
5. Double-deep two-scoops super-secret background PROJECT;
6. Far less controversial, since we had nothing to do with it, Litblog Coop pick, and…
7. One book by us! Which should have already been published! But we are crossing our fingers!

Cough. Also, we have no idea why we find it so hilarious, but we are linked in Radar. We don’t think they even sell that shit in Baltimore, but in honor of whatever intern did that, try their links list today.

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