Excuses, excuses…and BEST GIVEAWAY EVER

Posted by Lizzie on 09/03/06

books We know, we know. It gets boring with the Hag. First, we’re “working”. Then, we’re “moving”. Then, for chrissakes–WE’RE MOVING AGAIN.* Through it all, it’s too much for us TO FREAKING BLOG ONCE EVERY EIGHT WEEKS OR SO. What can we say? We’ve been on the radio (scroll down and left), we’ve been reviewing (do it again), we have–we repeat–been “working”, we have been being a NEW AUNT, and it has become necessary, due to recent iTunes downloads, to spend a great deal of time here. (Speaking of which, are we the ONLY one to notice that the theme accompanying Kate-centered moments is an homage to Vertigo, and, incidentally, an exact replica of a leitmotif used in What Lies Beneath, which at least openly acknowledges its debt to Hermann? Anyone? Anyone?)

Anyway, since we’re getting rid of at least this many books in anticipation of a safe estimate of our post-Baltimore wall space, we’d like to give our loyal O.H. readers one last taste. Penguin is lovely enough to send us their fantastic list each season, and while we’re going to keep many for review, we still have a ton left over, plus a copy of the new lit mag A Public Space and a tote bag from same. We’ve been completely stumped on what kind of contest would be most suited to a move (we know we can’t hope for Urban Dictionary nods EVERY TIME), so we’ve just decided, apropos of our theme ear worm above, to go with lines from books (or movies, you lazy-asses) you’ve never been able to get out of your head. As in our first, best cry-list, we only want the line that pops into your head immediately. We’re not looking for great lines, particularly–no, “Yes to yes” or “stalks like the fingers of dead men”–just, for lack of a better word, linear worms. Think of it as a space to pass your worms on. How often do you get that chance? We know some of you have it every Tuesday in a certain rest stop in New Jersey, but leave some for the rest of us.

Here’s ours–inexplicably, from Terms of Endearment.

Emma Greenway: “I’ve finally found an answer to this hair nobody ever liked,” she said. “Radium is the answer.”*

There you are. Completely inexplicable, yet absolutely entrenched. Radium is the answer.

CONTEST RULES: Contest runs until midnight Friday, 9/8/2006. Big box of new, fab books absolutely gratis to winner.* Props to Penguin, which has launched an unprecedented era of fabulous reprints, and A Public Space, which has launched that rare bird: a good literary magazine. Some Litbloog Coop picks in there, too. You can enter anonymously, but if you win, you have to email us on the sly to claim your prize, since we are not psychic. Enter in the comments below, and, fellow litbloggers and bloggerati, spread the word–we NEED to get rid of these books!

* Oh, yes. We return to the big NY in late September. References required.
** Please don’t be from Europe. We mean, you can be, but try not to.

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