Finally planning that bucket list trip to Tokyo? There are tons of places to visit in this expansive city, but if you are a first-timer, it is best to stick to the heavy hitters to ensure you have a good time.

Below, we’ll give suggestions that will help you scratch the surface of this intriguing travel destination.

1) Senso-ji Temple

There are many temples located within the city limits of Tokyo, but if you are on a tight schedule, make certain you include Senso-ji Temple in your travel plans. This Buddhist hall of worship has the distinction of being the most visited religious structure in the world, with 30 million visits annually.

The oldest temple in the city, which boasts a five-tiered pagoda at its heart and is home to a number of significant festivals, survived the Second World War, making many of its architectural elements genuine.

After contending with the throngs of people who visit this attraction on a daily basis, you may be too worn out to do anything else for a few hours – take the time to go back to your hotel room to relax. If you are not up for napping, though, make use of your time by logging on to the internet and playing some online games.

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2) Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo is an endless sea of urbanity, with more than 30 million people living within an hour or two of the city centre. Get an idea of this city’s immense size by heading up the Tokyo Skytree. Officially the world’s highest tower (Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest skyscraper) at 634 metres, you’ll get views that will leave your mouth agape and your camera shutter clicking.

Stop for a coffee at the Skytree Cafe, or make plans to eat dinner at 634 Musashi Sky Restaurant, which sits 345 metres above the streets of Tokyo, as you’ll likely never get a chance to enjoy good food this high up ever again.

3) Tsukiji fish market

Love seafood? Set your alarm for 5 am – once awake make your way to the Tsukiji fish market. At this early hour, you’ll get to witness one of the world’s greatest marketplaces for fishmongers, restaurateurs, and seafood enthusiasts.

The tuna auctions are especially heated, so don’t mind waking before the sun – that’s why coffee was invented, after all.

4) Memory Lane

Japanese cuisine isn’t all about sushi and octopus tentacles – grilled chicken on a stick is a favourite among many locals as well. Called yakatori, they can be found everywhere in this city, but a place called Memory Lane is one of the best spots.

An alleyway crammed with tiny yakatori joints, the smell of cooking poultry and spilled beer hang in the air. Bring your appetite, and prepare to drink more than your share of alcohol with jovial salarymen.