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Posted by Lizzie on 05/10/07

That’s it. I give up. One book is coming along poorly, and the other is not coming at all, so I am retreating back to the two things I apparently actually know how to do: light verse and blogging. So first: Wednesday I appeared on WYPR’s redoubtable Maryland Morning to share the mostly-scanning “Memo to Staff: Steps to be Taken in the Event HRH Queen Elizabeth is Accidentally Launched into Space”* (listen here), and second, Saturday I will be at Baltimore’s City Lit Festival, discussing blogging and books, or something, along with Sarah Weinman, a.k.a. Galleycat, and Scott Mackenzie, a.k.a. Slushpile.

I am also finally linking to this podcast interview (also here) with the lovely and talented Laura Lippman, whose latest work, What the Dead Know, you should read immediately if not sooner, LAST WEEK.

I think I have partly avoided linking to the interview because I am catastrophically embarrassed at how much I say “um”. (It’s obscene, truly.) But I also think it is largely because the podcast comes full circle in a way that, for lack of a better phrase, is sort of blowing my mind. Old Hag, which now approaching something close to its 4th year (unacceptable) would not have been here, ever, were it not for Laura.


At 30, I knew nothing of Blogger and its kind. Fired for something like the 82nd time and mixing hockey and marathon metaphors (correlation without causation) I had forgotten to launch the journalism career I meant to in my 20s, and was busily rectifying as best I could.

An interview with Laura about her first standalone, Every Secret Thing, was my first cover story. (I know, this is fascinating. You’re after the jump, for chrissakes!) The story was published in August, and I was reading her site–searching for a backlink, I am sure, even then–when I came across an entry appropriately entitled, for our purposes, “Speak, Memory.”

Laura’s entry was where I learned about Maud. And Alex (now Balk). And Terry. And from them, many others. And, to be irony-free for a second it is not an exaggeration to say that doing so occasioned the greatest shift in my life to date, entirely. (There’s enough irony in the fact that my laziest and most avoidant act ever was the most beneficial, believe me.) Reading their blogs, then starting my own, simply tripped a hocky puck into net like a marathon with no end in sight. And I don’t know what friends, career or home I would have had without it, but it wouldn’t be these ones.

I don’t mean to get weepity, but I do think one almost never gets to see the sliding doors on one’s life, and it’s important to mark it when you do. So thank you, Laura, because without those links–none of this, nothing. If it were just that blog itself, that would be fine, but all the rest, including you, I am very glad to have.

May, 2007

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