I now have power to provide you with an old-school links roundup for #sandy!

Posted by Lizzie on 11/02/12

Yes. I was driven to the blog! A list of the (I hope) helpful, informative, and enraging/funny, depending on your mood.





Mitt Romney and crowd share a nice laugh at rising oceans.
YouTube Preview Image

Dickhead II

Romney remains silent and smiling while confronted by climate change protester. Crowd chants “USA!” Problem solved.

YouTube Preview Image


Linking doesn’t indicate agreement, but I’m interested in this has largely made scientists begin to debate HOW to present climate change, not how to prevent it.


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New Mercury Reading, Baltimore, OCTOBER 23rd, Be There

Posted by Lizzie on 10/22/10

Just to get this whole “postin’ on new site” thing on the road, a quick note to let you know I (with Ann Finkbeiner and D. R. Belz) will be reading at the New Mercury Reading series tomorrow, Saturday 23rd, at Federal Hill’s Light Street Gallery. Revelries begin at 6. I don’t KNOW what happens. They’re already pretending I’m still a Baltimore resident; I may be asked to steal someone else’s identity, for all I know.

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Bad Marie Tonight: Marcy Dermansky and Lizzie Skurnick!

Posted by Lizzie on 08/23/10

I’ll be talking tonight with author Marcy Dermansky, childhood neighbor, giver of Canal Street hand-me-downs, tonight at the Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene at 7:30 about her wondrous novel, Bad Marie. Easily accessible by 2/3/4/5/a/c/g. (The bookstore, not the novel.) Will they have wine? Let’s hope. Map below, mainly to give me a chance to embed something, which doesn’t seem to be working anyway.

Map here!

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Steve Jobs, take a bow

Posted by Lizzie on 07/15/09

My designer got tired of me making fun of either a) iTunes, b) radio 2.0 or (most likely) c) boys and their obsession with DIRECTIONS and kindly directs me:

BTW, you can get iTunes links by right clicking on them and selecting “Copy iTunes Store URL”

One link to me and Scott Westerfeld on Rachel Maddow’s radio show with Ana Marie Cox. I lose; men, Internet, directions win. Enjoy!

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Nothing’s BEA in fifth grade

Posted by Lizzie on 05/26/09

 If you missed it, I reviewed Barthe DeClements’ “Nothing’s Fair In Fifth Grade” for Jezebel last Friday.


I will be signing galleys of Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading, at Book Expo America, which is to say, Free Books!!!!!! Info below:

Time: Friday, May 29th, 11:00 am

Place: Table 13, Author signing area

Jacob Javits Center, 655 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

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An extraordinarily long housecleaning post

Posted by Lizzie on 05/19/09

Hello all! I am currently in the process of creating yet another new site that will either give me some central place to post news for the book or (more likely) create yet another site to update. But until such time as all this is fed into some grand aggregator in the sky, some recent news/links for your amusement:

areyoutheregoditsmedodai020I started up the Fine Lines column again two weeks with Judy Blume’s Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, and discovered I was a terribly old lady who was probably only about one week away from needing a full set of fake teeth. Read the full column here.

kinflicks051509I also started up the Shelf Pleasuring column again last week with one of my favorite books, Lisa Alther’s now mainly unsung Kinflicks, which I gifted in the days before Mustela sets and diaper caddies were all the rage. Read that full column here.

At the LA Times Book Festival two weeks ago, I sat on a panel about reading with the marvelous Laura Miller, Jane Smiley, and Sara Nelson. Then C-Span put it on TV! I find this, inexplicably, hilarious.


You can watch the entire panel here, or, if you like, I’ve assembled some handy clips. (You’ll have to allow popups for the player to work.)

Wherein I discuss the infamous pancake slashing incident

Wherein I recall how wondrous were the days when parents had no idea what you were doing

Wherein I manage to move the conversation around to erections

Wherein I clear up the misconception that the Little House books are heartwarming

Shelf Discovery is on Facebook! (Though disturbingly NOT showing up on Amazon searches today. Oh, AMAZON…) You can make these dopey badges so people can friend you in one click. I made one:
Shelf Discovery’s Profile
Shelf Discovery's Facebook Profile
Create Your Badge

The book also has a mailing list you can sign up for to get news and updates. 

I will also be doing a signing at BEA next Friday at 11:00 in “the signing area,” wherever that is, and sitting on some panel or other at Printer’s Row in Chicago. Then I will be doing like 68 other things. More info on that and other events as those dates approach. 

You can also just buy the book. I am completely exhausted. I cannot wait, CANNOT WAIT, for this new goddamn site.

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Come, 2.0!

Posted by Lizzie on 04/14/09

(The lively Lambert Strether at Corrente Wire, my favorite political blog, shamed me by putting up this announcement when I’d forgotten to do it HERE. Sorry. My place, to paraphrase Margaret Schlegel, is with Facebook now. While I’ve got you, if you are so moved, watch an animation from a poem from “Check-In” at pbs.org.)

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Pen World Voices, Move Along, Folks

Posted by Lizzie on 04/24/07

Pen World Voices starts today. We’re too busy to even post a good post here, much less attend, so we’re going to be awful and just swipe Maud and Mark‘s links. Pace!

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Granta 97: Best of Young American Novelists

Posted by Lizzie on 04/23/07

granta97.jpgSomeone who insisted we have a “long and persuasive arm” (you don’t know the HALF of it, honey) has asked that we post the deets on tomorrow night’s Granta 97: Best of Young American Novelists II event at the New School, viz:

4/24 8:30 p.m.
New School/Tishman Auditorium
With Daniel Alarcуn, Nell Freudenberger, Olga Grushin, Gabe Hudson, Uzodinma Iweala, Jess Row, Akhil Sharma, Gary Shteyngart, and John Wray. Moderated by Granta editor Ian Jack.

Totally free, totally fun.

Did you catch the last part? In honor of freeness and funness, we are also offering one free, fun copy to the first reader to email O.H. (theoldhag ATT theoldhag DOTTE com) with “Two Years From Not Being Young Anymore” in the subject line.

Thirty-five. Not 40. 35. Bastards. Freaking out.

Good luck!

Even more deets here.

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Brunch, Debussy, etc.

Posted by Lizzie on 03/27/07

We’re mildly broken up that we’ve got to go on a business trip this weekend and will thus miss New Yorker music critic Alex Ross speaking at the 92 Street Y on composers and poetry, not only because we live for art songs (we have no idea if he’ll even be discussing what a composer at a residency harrumphed was a “a pleasant pastime for the bourgeoisie”, but if he is) and because it apparently offers a sumptuous buffet brunch. ALSO: we were hoping to take it off-topic even further and ask his thoughts on the Met’s new “omigod everyone here has one foot in the grave and the other holding a $9,987 subscription we can find some blood for them to drink or some young subscribers how much is blood?” initiative. Our intitial thoughts–good god, HOW ABOUT INTEGRATING IT WITH ANY TECHNOLOGY YOUNG PEOPLE USE BESIDES THE ….internet. But we would like to hear more; if you go, go off-topic for us please. We offer no brunch, sumptuous or otherwise.

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