Brunch, Debussy, etc.

Posted by Lizzie on 03/27/07

We’re mildly broken up that we’ve got to go on a business trip this weekend and will thus miss New Yorker music critic Alex Ross speaking at the 92 Street Y on composers and poetry, not only because we live for art songs (we have no idea if he’ll even be discussing what a composer at a residency harrumphed was a “a pleasant pastime for the bourgeoisie”, but if he is) and because it apparently offers a sumptuous buffet brunch. ALSO: we were hoping to take it off-topic even further and ask his thoughts on the Met’s new “omigod everyone here has one foot in the grave and the other holding a $9,987 subscription we can find some blood for them to drink or some young subscribers how much is blood?” initiative. Our intitial thoughts–good god, HOW ABOUT INTEGRATING IT WITH ANY TECHNOLOGY YOUNG PEOPLE USE BESIDES THE ….internet. But we would like to hear more; if you go, go off-topic for us please. We offer no brunch, sumptuous or otherwise.

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