Bkhrb Wrlnghk, a vowel called. HE WOULD LIKE YOU TO BUY ONE

Posted by Lizzie on 11/20/05

We just have to point out that this is the funniest email we have ever received:

As the webmaster for Zolen Calo’s novels, I found you during a search for
websites that complement the themes of Zolen’s fiction. I saw that your site
was trustworthy, linguistically clever, and regularly visited — according to my
Google review of sites related to personal and social alienation. Because of
the interests you and Zolen apparently share, he asked that I add your site to
his sharing page. This I have done effective today.

You can view your connection at www.zolencalonovels.com/pendinglinks.htm under the category of alientation and disconnectedness.

Zolen would hope for you to connect your website to his in return. The address
is [redacted].

I know it is sometimes difficult to get around to uploading edits to like-minded
sites, so I intend to maintain your link from Zolen until May 1, 2006 even if
you don’t get back to him.

When your link is confirmed, it may be lifted from its current page to the
Argentum Page where it might better build the interest of our readers through
our expression of artistic fraternity. In the meantime, thank you for sharing
with Zolen in the great world of ideas. Bkhrb Wrlnghk, Webmaster

Do you think if we tell our psychiatrist that even Google now recognizes our personal and social alienation, he will give us the good drugs?

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