And the winner is….

Posted by Lizzie on 02/07/05

We had many, many wonderful entries for our wordfinders battle for the best way to describe “…the wave of nausea that hits you when you read about forthcoming books by people you went to college or even once slept with that came out to great acclaim while you haven’t written anything in….ever,” an expansion of Matt’s search for a word to best describe “…the wave of nausea that hits you when you read about forthcoming bookswritten by the kind of person you’d rather eat broken glass than have to listen to for five minutes.” Top suggestions included “illiteracy,” “Docudrama,” “Badvance,” and two insider coinages, “Publishers Lost Lunch” and “Publishers Weakly.” (One reader, with admirable resignation, simply suggested “Wednesday.”) However, top honors must go to the coinage that, not coincidentally, has already been approved by two famous writers.


Dear lone, unhyperlinked, notsubmittingyouremail “e.” Please write to us at the email address below with your mailing address–or the P.O. box that you quickly acquire to maintain your cherished cloak of anonymity–so that you may receive your reward.

* Honorable mention must go to Jeff for “Vendelavation” n. the act in which one is quite possibly accorded a book deal, or at least paid more than one justly deserves, as a result of the far greater famousness of one’s boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or spouse [Zadie Smith so Vendelavates Nick Laird]: see JOHN GREGORY DUNNE
** Meta Honorable mention to Jorie for “Jennsylvanity,” n. the state in which one thinks one is being reviled for one’s book deal when in fact everyone is talking about a universal state which applies to writers observing other writers being published which actually may or may not apply to one, until such time as one, having sent one’s friends into other people’s backblogs where they continue to post additional proofs of their misunderstanding, becomes, in fact, reviled: see JENNSYLVANIA


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