An Inconvenient Refill

Posted by Lizzie on 02/05/07

pledge.jpgWe usually try to do good for the environment*, but that part of our sad life, as of about four minutes ago, is over. Are we the last person to discover the Pledge Duster Plus, for Christ’s sake? The spray bottle that allows you SIMULTANEOUSLY polish as you dust? The glovelike tines that surround the fluffy head? The super-fresh scent? The fact that it only comes with one refill…well, that’s the part where we destroy the environment. But fuck Al Gore–he has maids to enable his Powerpoint lifestyle, maids that you know throw out his recyclable cloths and sneak this shit in when he goes off to shame the President on some other midwestern college campus. We’re sticking. And if anyone else knows of any other wondrous innovations in the world of cleaning of which we’ve remained woefully ignorant, please let us know immediately. It’s like Juneteenth up in here.

*Humor us

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