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Posted by Lizzie on 05/19/09

Hello all! I am currently in the process of creating yet another new site that will either give me some central place to post news for the book or (more likely) create yet another site to update. But until such time as all this is fed into some grand aggregator in the sky, some recent news/links for your amusement:

areyoutheregoditsmedodai020I started up the Fine Lines column again two weeks with Judy Blume’s Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, and discovered I was a terribly old lady who was probably only about one week away from needing a full set of fake teeth. Read the full column here.

kinflicks051509I also started up the Shelf Pleasuring column again last week with one of my favorite books, Lisa Alther’s now mainly unsung Kinflicks, which I gifted in the days before Mustela sets and diaper caddies were all the rage. Read that full column here.

At the LA Times Book Festival two weeks ago, I sat on a panel about reading with the marvelous Laura Miller, Jane Smiley, and Sara Nelson. Then C-Span put it on TV! I find this, inexplicably, hilarious.


You can watch the entire panel here, or, if you like, I’ve assembled some handy clips. (You’ll have to allow popups for the player to work.)

Wherein I discuss the infamous pancake slashing incident

Wherein I recall how wondrous were the days when parents had no idea what you were doing

Wherein I manage to move the conversation around to erections

Wherein I clear up the misconception that the Little House books are heartwarming

Shelf Discovery is on Facebook! (Though disturbingly NOT showing up on Amazon searches today. Oh, AMAZON…) You can make these dopey badges so people can friend you in one click. I made one:
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The book also has a mailing list you can sign up for to get news and updates. 

I will also be doing a signing at BEA next Friday at 11:00 in “the signing area,” wherever that is, and sitting on some panel or other at Printer’s Row in Chicago. Then I will be doing like 68 other things. More info on that and other events as those dates approach. 

You can also just buy the book. I am completely exhausted. I cannot wait, CANNOT WAIT, for this new goddamn site.

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