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Posted by Lizzie on 07/13/09

(This post is almost a complete reprint of what I just sent to my mailing list. What am I, made of time? If you are on my mailing list, I apologize. If you are not on my mailing list, perhaps you would like to be on it! Receiving everything twice is the new black.)

A very quick note to say….SHELF DISCOVERY will be alive and kicking in bookstores and other places of commerce on July 21, 2009! BUY IT! Tell your FRIENDS about it! Read it, if you must!

A few items of information:

1. In the next few weeks the book will be featured on many outlets and inlets, including DoubleX, Newsday, Talk of the Nation, Bitch magazine, and Bob Edwards. I will tell you way too much about it! Sorry in advance!

2. I am launching in a few days, which will have a neato COVER GALLERY as well as a blog and many other ways to follow any goddamn thing I am doing. But: re: cover gallery. Do you have a cover YOU ADORE? Send it to this email or lizzie YES, AT lizzieskurnick INTERESTINGLY, DOT com and I’ll post it. And if you’d like to write anything about what it, as they say, means to you, I will happily post that on the site there too.

3. Two bloggers, A Chair, Fireplace & Tea Cozy, and Chris & Qualler, wrote very nice appreciations of the book. Go to their blogs, where they also have many other wonderful things.

4. I am 2.0! Goddamnit! Less so than I could be because I refuse to get an iPhone and I also have no internet right now. But if you are on these places, I would love to meet you:

FACEBOOK (where a cover gallery resides and people have made FUN YA QUIZZES);

GOODREADS, where I am about to write about the weirdest book by Elia Kazan EVER that it doesn’t even list;

HARPERCOLLINS, which also has a cover gallery;

TWITTER, where I always want to just write about what I am eating, though I understand that’s a tsk-tsk. Let me tell you: the $12 jar tuna at Citarella is worth it. It’s worth it! Judge me!


You can also PRE-ORDER THE BOOK! I just got it in the mail the other day and it is very pretty.

p.s. Rob Walker asked me to be part of the Significant Objects project, where writers contribute fictional essays about items we never actually owned that you, the reader, may then bid on on eBay. I do that about shoes I don’t buy in stores ALL THE TIME. Click to read my strangely moody piece!

p.p.s. I was with Ana Marie Cox on the Rachel Maddow radio show which is available on iTunes. I know, I know, my head is spinning! The amazing Scott Westerfeld, with whom I had a lively fight about airplane manuals and men getting to take credit for EVERYTHING all the time, even reading manuals which is not, in my view, “reading”, posted, appropriately enough, directions to listen. I did not. I miss, my friends, the radio, which as I recall you just turned on. But here you go:

a) Search the iTunes Store for “Maddow 960″.
b) Click on the green Rachel Maddow icon.
c) Select the 06/30/09 episode.
d) Listen and be amazed (or at least amused).

p.p.p.s. The latest Fine Lines is on A Taste of Blackberries. Click for Only the Goofs Die Young.

More, more coherently, soon!



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