All Almodovar =Best

Posted by Lizzie on 03/16/05

Slate’s David Edelstein is soliciting absurd twist endings from readers. HOW ARLINGTON ROAD is defensible, we’ll never know. We’re going to have to give a huge shout-out to Robert Massing, though:

The Usual Suspects
I know everyone will disagree with me; in fact, many will rank this among the BEST endings of all time. But that is because everyone is an idiot. As it turns out, he made the whole thing up! He lifted names from the stuff on the detective’s office wall! Oh my God! Brilliant! Who is Kaiser Sose? We’ll never know! Wow!

We totally called that in the first five minutes, and don’t get us started on THE BLATANT MANFACE FACTOR in that….tranvestite….movie…we’re actually blocking on the name. Anyway, we’ve long contended that a healthy dose of Isaac Asimov, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King and Roald Dahl’s adult fiction sadly renders all movie twists bovs and obvs. We love No Way Out, Fight Club and The Others, though, and we will kick the ass of anybody who says different.

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